A Great Choice for Each Occasion and Every Budget

Sunshiny offers four collections of croquet balls that suit each occasion and every budget.

You can find Sunshiny products around the world. Our premier CQ-16 croquet balls are used in national associations and major championships in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, etc. For distributor inquiries please contact us.

CQ-16, Premier Tournament Croquet Balls

cq 16 bluecq 16 blue

For nearly 20 years (2001-2020), Sunshiny's CQ-16 collection has maintained its Championship Approval by the Croquet Association (CA) of the United Kingdom, the sport's official authority on croquet balls and playing equipment.

This approval is a recognition of quality standards and consistency, which qualifies a collection of croquet balls for official use in tournaments and championships.

As an indication of the exacting requirements, there are but only two collections in the world with the Championship Approval.

It is an honour we are proud of, and we are committed to providing high quality products to serve our wholesalers and distributors around the world.

Over the years we have kept prices competitive to make this superior collection accessible in clubs, associations and tournaments, and more so, to those who enjoy this wonderful game and those who would like to try it for the first time.


CQ-16 First ColoursCQ-16 First Colours

Pro-16, Designed for Discerning Players

Pro-16 PinkPro-16 Pink

Discerning players choose the Pro-16 collection. We recommend this outstanding collection to major mallet manufacturers and croquet set wholesalers.

Pro-16 balls are similar in weight and design to the CQ-16 collection, but at a more economic price point. They are well suited for club play and social games, and to those who want to practice and hone their skills.

Pro-16 collections are popular among stockists and distributors, and sold by box sets or individual colours.

First Colours (red, yellow, blue and black) are available. Currently the Second Colours (brown, green, pink and white) are also available for a limited time.


Pro-16 CollectionPro-16 Collection

CB-34, Extraordinary Garden Balls

CB-34 Garden BallCB-34 Garden Ball

The CB-34 collection is designed in official dimensions but lighter in weight and even new comers to the game get the hang of it the first time they try.

The balls still feel solid and full with each strike, but are easy to move and control.

Each ball weighs approximately 12 ounces. First Colours (red, yellow, blue and black) are available.

CQ-12, Reliable Recreation Balls

CQ-12 Recreation BallCQ-12 Recreation Ball

Brand new collection. Distributors wanted. For more information please contact us.

CQ-12 croquet balls sport a double-milled surface. They look beautiful and elegant, yet are built to last despite their entry level price. Popularly sold in box sets, the CQ-12 collection is a great way to introduce new customers to the sport of croquet.

Each ball weighs 12 ounces (approx.). First Colours (red, yellow, blue and black) are available.